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Articles by Geoffrey Coffey

May 17, 2006
Earth Stewards get a look beyond the street

February 18, 2006
To Learn about Native Plants, Just Dig Right In

January 11, 2006
View from Dinosaur Peak Reveals East Bay Treasures

December 3, 2005
Bonny Doon: Exploring the Silver Strand

September 24, 2005
Fruit Trees Win Praise

July 13, 2005
Treasure Hunting on Yerba Buena Island

May 18, 2005
Fade Out: A Tale of Two Pools in the Valley of the Moon

April 20, 2005
Brisbane Acres and the Blood of the Lamb

March 16, 2005
Native Plants Survive on Bernal Hill

February 19, 2005
Living Large in Muir Woods

January 19, 2005
Cedar Mountain Ridge: Journey to Record-Challenging Manzanita

December 15, 2004
A Study of Ancient History on Strawberry Hill

November 17, 2004
Riparian Connections Run Deep in Lagunitas Creek

October 20, 2004
Born from the Salt: Lifecycles of Bair Island

September 15, 2004
Step Back in Time in Leona Canyon

August 18, 2004
A Call for Mercy at Lake Merced

July 28, 2004
Going in for Natural Solitude on Mt. Wanda

June 16, 2004
Taking the Waters at El Polin in the Presidio

May 22, 2004
Mariposa Lilies and Monoliths on Ring Mountain

April 24, 2004
Role Reversal on Coyote Ridge

March 27, 2004
Nursing Biodiversity on Twin Peaks

February 28, 2004
Mountain of Youth: Natural Longevity on Montara Mountain

January 24, 2004
The Fire and the Bloom Are One:
Succession at Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve

December 27, 2003
Hark, the Woodland Angel Sings

November 29, 2003
Speak, History:
A Congress of Voices on San Bruno Mountain

October 25, 2003
Sympathy for the Devil:
Tricks and treats on Mount Diablo

September 27, 2003
Gold and Green and Pearls Everlasting:
The botanical wealth of Sweeney Ridge

July 26, 2003
A Wrangling of Species on Mount Davidson

June 28, 2003
Corona Heights: Intersection of Seabed and Sky

May 31, 2003
Splashes with Wolves:
Lobos Creek is S.F.'s Last Remaining Waterway

March 8, 2003
Fabulous Fynbos:
South African plants thrive in Bay Area

December 18, 2002
Manzanita Charms Bay Area Terrain

November 6, 2002
Carnivores Nibble at Gardeners' Sense of Curiosity